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Spiritual Emergency

Spiritual emergency as a process came to recognition through the work of Christina and Stanislav Grof. It refers to the experience common to all humans - the need for spiritual growth towards wholeness. The process of spiritual emergence can follow many paths sometimes through organised religious practice quite often not. It may happen spontaneously or come about through practices such as meditation or yoga.

This transformational journey can become a spiritual emergency which turns into a crisis, with changes becoming rapid and inner experiences that seem so far away from normality that the individual can be left feeling as if they are losing their mind.

Quite often those of us who are more sensitive to life and also feel a deep and profound connection to nature and the natural world can suffer more. At the moment there is a strong sense that the world is in an ecological crisis and living in societies driven by industrialised consumer capitalism can cause some of us to feel profound distress and a sense of being cut off and deadened. Both the external and internal crisis can feel at times overwhelming.

As part of my ecotherapy practice I work with people experiencing borderland states I can provide a depth experience within a natural environment drawing upon my 20 years experience working in mental health and my competence as a psychotherapist and chartered psychologist. In this work I draw upon Jungian ideas, trauma work and ecotherapy in order to support you to begin to integrate your experience and make sense of your feelings. See here for sessions.