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Counselling and Psychotherapy, Stanmer Park Brighton

Individual ecotherapy sessions

In this therapeutic approach we explore your problems and issues in an outdoor natural setting. This work is based in the safe and confidential space of the living willow dome at Breathing Space.

We work together to agree a plan to help address your current difficulties, using nature to explore particular issues and support your therapeutic journey. This may include mindfulness exercises, creative processes and ritual to help build a narrative that makes sense of the struggles and conflict in your life. Your past family history and relationship with the natural world will be central to this process.

I have over 15 years experience of working therapeutically in nature and am an international expert on this approach. I have completed a PhD on this subject and my book for therapists working in this field has recently been published by Routledge.

50 per hour (Concessions can be discussed)

Walk and talk therapy

This approach involves exploring your emotional issues while walking in a natural location such as parkland or woods. You may find it much easier to talk and open up while walking outdoors.

The process of walking with a therapist in nature can help you begin to unravel your problems and gain greater understanding of yourself.

In our first meeting we will discuss issues of confidentiality, for example how to negotiate encountering other people when out walking, to ensure the integrity and safety of the therapeutic relationship. I have considerable experience of working with these issues, both in my practice and research.

50 per hour (Concessions can be discussed)

Couples and families

I also provide ecotherapy and wellbeing sessions for couples and families experiencing emotional difficulties.

65 per hour

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